Get Ready For The Annual Celebration Sri Lanka Day

On July 15th, Sri Lanka Foundation will be hosting its next big event, Sri Lanka Day in CA. The festival is famous for showcasing Sri Lankan culture in all of its glory. Every year, thousands of visitors come to the festival to enjoy the culture of the island. Over the years, it’s become a favorite event for expatriate Sri Lankans in the US.

Enjoy music, dance, and theater

The foundation aims to bring together generations of Sri Lanka as a community to pass along its history from one to another generation. This festival takes attendees on a short tour to Sri Lanka through traditional dance, music, art and theater. It’s a visual feast of beautiful costumes, bright clothing, and jewelry.

slday festival pic 2

Sri Lankan cuisine

Sri Lanka Day is one of the only opportunities to try a lot of the island’s delectable eats. You will have a chance to taste some of the best Lankan food, including Kotthu Roti, Hoppers as well as the staple Rice and curry! And on the lighter side are fresh tea and sweet treats.


If you love shopping, Sri Lanka Day is where you can get your hands on rare finds like handmade clothing and gifts from the island. You can buy original artifacts, stunning souvenirs, and traditional Sarees and dresses. This event will surely be a visual feast of colorful costumes and sparkling ornaments.

slday shopping

A fun-filled day

Sri Lanka day is going to be filled with lots of entertaining activities and happenings. A particular kind of activity called the Kandy Perahera is also quite enjoyable and popular among visitors.

Every year the Sri Lanka Foundation works thoroughly to bring the highlights, colors, and tastes of Sri Lanka to viewers who get together at one place from all over California. So be there on 15th July 2017!


Enjoy Annual Celebration Sri Lanka Day

Sri Lanka day, a popular event held by the famous non profit organization, Sri Lanka Foundation attracts thousands of viewers across the world. This event offers a short trip to Sri Lanka to attendees and helps them to experience the richness of Sri Lankan culture.  SL day is an annual carnival and a tribute to the heritage and culture of Sri Lanka. This event has been a favorite event for expatriates in the United States as it allows them to get a glimpse of their own country and its culture.

Sri Lankan Food and culture

Sri Lanka foundation acts as a platform to bind Sri Lankan generations together as a community and carry forward the history and rich culture from one generation to another. SL day is filled with all the entertaining activities with traditional food, art, dance, music and theater. You can explore the aromas and spices and taste curries and traditional sweets while being awestruck by dancers and artists.

culture of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka day is not just about culture and food, but it’s a lot more. Watch traditional dances such as Low Country, Kandyan and fusion. Enjoy fusion and traditional drummers and performances by live bands. It’s rarely seen in the US by Sri-Lankan Americans!


Both adults and kids revel in a specific activity called the Kandy Perahera. It’s a well-known Sri Lankan parade presenting theatre elephants of equivalent size to actual elephants. You don’t need to leave California to enjoy these experiences. You can also enjoy different varieties of whip crackers, drummers, flag bearers and Nilames at this memorable event.

known Sri Lankan parade


Love shopping? SL day gives a great opportunity to buy Sri Lankan trendy outfits and accessories. You can also shop for artifacts and striking souvenirs. This event will provide a visual feast of vibrant clothing and sparkling ornaments.

Sri Lankan Culture and Travel

Sri Lanka is known for its rich culture and amazing natural beauty. The country is visited by thousands of visitors every year to see its scenic beaches and wildlife. This beautiful nation may appear like a small island, but there are many attractions and things to do. It’s a very pocket-friendly country and with a planned method, you can roam around and visit maximum places with ease.

Sri Lankan Culture


If you’re interested in historical places, the Dambulla Buddha caves are the best. These caves are full of Buddha statues, paintings and are incredibly impressive.

Tea and a morning walk

Sri Lanka is renowned for its Ceylon tea. Get some time to visit green and flourishing tea plantations on a walk up to Ella Rock.

Enjoy sceneries via train journey

Plan a trip via train to witness amazing natural scenes of Sri Lanka. A recently reopened train path from Colombo city to Jaffna assures a wonderful ride through the country.  The Railway passage between Ella and Kandy is also awesome.

Peaceful beaches

Nilaveli and Uppuveli, located near Trincomalee on the northeast are stunning and secluded beaches. They offer perfect place for lonely wanderings.

Rainforest walks

The Sinharaja tropical forest is a striking natural legacy site. It’s also known as the last viable region of the main rainforest. You can also choose to swim and trek through the waterfalls but be careful of spiders and snakes among the assorted plant life.

Surfing and beach parties

Arugam Bay, in the south east is a crescent of golden sand providing perfect breaks in holidays and beach parties galore to experience the nightlife.



Kite festivals and Poya festivals are two most popular events celebrated in Sri Lanka. Galle Face beach is a famous place to fly a kite and enjoy this event with others and Poya festivals rejoice the full moon with Buddhist serene.

Sri Lankan Community Business Directory

If you have a business, you need people to know about it, in particular your potential customers. And a business directory is a practical and effective way to move your business closer to the people you need to reach. It’s an important part of driving more traffic to your website and connect your company with the public so you can sustain and grow your business.

So if you’re looking for a Sri Lanka Online Business Directory, the Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) directory page offers a platform where businesses can attract customers from around the world. SLF’s website brings together Sri Lankans, expatriates and many others to learn about events, Sri Lankan culture, travel and much more. With their network of organizers, business owners and general community members, you’ll be able to extend your company’s reach in new directions.


SLF business directory includes a wide range of business categories, which allows viewers to target their needs and interests and leads them right to you. The categories currently available include:

●    Beauty
●    Chiropractic
●    Entertainment
●    Florists
●    Ayurvedic
●    Elementary Schools
●    Aviation
●    Real Estate
●    Physicians
●    Temples/Churches
●    Radio Stations
●    Travel Agencies
●    Automotive

Visit the page to look through these and other categories to get a complete list. To add your business, browse the categories to find where you feel your business belongs in the list, and then use our contact us page to share the important information you’d like to see included in the directory. Be sure to provide your business’ name, phone number, physical address, website, a promotional image or brand logo and your hours of operation if applicable. And before you know it, your company will be accessible to the Sri Lankan community on a simple, convenient business directory.

Sri Lanka Foundation is a non-profit organization working to promote and support Sri Lankan culture in America and around the world. The organization was founded by Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, a doctor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and proud Sri Lankan. His patriotism and love for his native land has compelled his work to promote and share his culture to the masses.

Sri Lankan Traditional Dance Academy – Register today!

Learn Sri Lankan folk dance, register now to join dance classes on weekends. The Sri Lanka Foundation Performing Arts Center or the LA Cultural Dance Academy is inviting everyone to come and learn Sri Lankan folk dancing and music. All ages and experience levels are welcome to join.


All you need to become an expert in traditional dance from Sri Lanka is a positive attitude and a desire to learn something new.

Sri Lankan Traditional Dance Academy classes emphasize the building of basic dance skills with direction from their highly trained and experienced dance teachers. Beginner, advanced and intermediate dance classes are all taught only by professionals.

Traditional drumming classes

Sri lankan drums give the music an energetic pace that creates the perfect setting for everyone to come together and dance. Classes with the LA Cultural Dance Academy introduce participants to the intricacies of drumming. Class members will get a chance to learn firsthand how to create a beat and rhythm that will keep everyone’s feet moving. There’s no age limit to take part. Children and adults of any age can experience the fun of learning about the arts and traditions of another culture.

Sri Lanka foundation performing art center’s new education programs include:

Beginner child dance – Saturdays, 10:30 am to 11:30 am.
Beginner drumming class – Saturdays, 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm.
Beginner dance class – Sundays – 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.


How SLF Business Directory Can Promote Your Business

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Benefits of Online business directories:

•    The business directory listing helps your business to expand by reaching to new partners and investors. Actually, when investors look for businesses, they take the help of business directories first. Thus, if you have listed your business, you have better chances to find good associates and investors.
•    Business Directory pages allow you to include all the details like address, location and other information on your listing page, it helps you to direct potential partners, clients and others to your web page.
•    A business directory page also helps your page to get targeted traffic because submission to these directories expand the business site, helping in driving the traffic to your page. Correct listing makes sure that you only attract those who are truly interested in your business.
•    An excellent web directory also helps you gain link popularity by getting relevant inbound links from various popular business sites.

Srilankan Community Business Directory

Sri Lanka Online Business Directory is started by a famous non profit organization called The Sri Lanka Foundation. The organization is committed to promote the culture, business and lives of Sri Lankan People and nation. The official website of SLF allows visitors to gain knowledge and News of Sri Lanka Foundation and the country. The Srilankan Community Business Directory page helps your business to be seen by a number of potential customers in the United States and worldwide.

Srilanka Online Business Directory Page has several categories for clients where they can submit their business page. These categories include Aviation, Automotive, Chiropractic, beauty, entertainment, florists, elementary, freight forwarding and many more.

SLF Awards Show – Avail Your Tickets Now!

The Sri Lanka Foundation, a nonprofit organization has already announced its awards show day and time. This exciting event is all set to entertain audiences and honor Sri Lankan expatriates across the globe. Tickets are available on the official website of the Sri Lanka Foundation.


Awards will be given in following categories:

•    Lifetime Achievement Award
•    Outstanding Performance by Young Professional
•    President’s Award
•    Exceptional Achievement Award
•    Srimerican of the Year

The Sri Lanka Foundation started distinguishing and honoring Sri Lankan expatriates across the globe first time in the year 2003. Since then, the nonprofit organization has been working with the vision of ‘Inspire and Achieve’.  The SLF will be honoring talents from different industries and professions including Doctors, Artists, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Scientists, Lawyers and more.

Have a look at the different entertaining programs lined up for the award ceremony.

•    Cocktail Hour in Millennium Biltmore Tiffany Room: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
•    Doors open to the Crystal Ballroom:      12:00 PM
•    Welcome to the SLF Awards Ceremony 2016: 12:00 PM – 12:05 PM
•    MC Alkamalee Jabbar introduces the SLF Award winners: 12:05 PM – 12:10 PM
•    Welcome speeches by Founder & President of 
Sri Lanka Foundation: 12:10 PM – 12:15 PM
•    Sri Lankan & U.S. National Anthems with
 Lighting of the Oil Lamp: 12:15 PM – 12:20 PM
•    Welcome dance by Sri Lanka Foundation
 Performing Arts Center: 12:20 PM – 12:30 PM
•    SLF Awards presentation: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
•    Buffet lunch & music in Millennium Biltmore Tiffany Room: 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
•    Raffle ticket draw in the Millennium Biltmore Tiffany Room: 2:45 PM
•    Music for Dancing by Colorblind with Tony & Nicola: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
•    Elegance by Anarkalli presents Serendipity 
Fashion Show: 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM
•    Music for Dancing by Colorblind with Tony & Nicola: 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Get Ready To Attend The Most Awaited Event – SLF Award Ceremony

Awards are used to mark the talent and honor the deserving person since ancient times. In order to honor the talented individuals, the Sri Lanka Foundation, a nonprofit organization in LA, US organizes SLF award ceremony program every year. The organization is honoring Sri Lankan expatriates from all over the world since 2003. Like previous years, the Sri Lanka Foundation is all set to respect and honor individuals who have shown their excellence in any specific field. The SLF is ready to choose the most endowed, talented and committed person in different areas such as Doctors, engineers, artists, politicians, musicians, entrepreneurs and lawyers, among others.

SLFoundation Awads 2016

Following are the Prestigious Awards Categories:

•    Lifetime Achievement Award
•    Exceptional Achievement Award
•    Outstanding Performance by Young Professional
•    Srimerican of the Year
•    President’s Award

Event Date and Programs

The Sri Lanka Foundation Award Ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 20, 2016. The program includes Cocktail Hour in Millennium Biltmore Tiffany Room, Welcome speeches by Founder & President of Sri Lanka Foundation, Welcome dance by Sri Lanka Foundation
 Performing Arts Center, SLF Awards presentation, Music for Dancing by Colorblind with Tony & Nicola, Sri Lankan & U.S. National Anthems with
 Lighting of the Oil Lamp, Elegance by Anarkalli presents Serendipity Fashion Show and a lot more.

Enroll Now In Sri Lankan Classical Dance Center in Los Angeles

The Sri Lanka Foundation’s performing art center has already announced its educational programs for the expatriate Sri Lankan community last month. People who love dance, acting and drum playing can attend the classes of Los Angeles Cultural Dance Academy. These classes are held on weekends so that busy people can also learn their favorite Sri Lankan Folk Dance.
There are a number of classical dance forms in Sri Lanka that include:

Kandyan dances of the Hill Country

The dance style called Kandyan dances or Uda Rata Natum is about following dance forms:

•    Ves dance
•    Naiyandi dance
•    Pantheru dance
•    Uddekki dance
•    Vana

Apart from above dances, Sri Lankan dance is also about Sabaragamuwa Natum  and Pahatha Rata Natum among others. The Sri Lanka Foundation Performing Art Center is helping in promoting the art and culture of Sri Lanka in the United States and globally.
Traditional Dance
Let’s have a look at the schedule and timing of dance and drum playing classes for Los Angeles  Sri Lankan Community.

•    Beginner child dance class on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.
•    Beginner Drumming class from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.
•    Beginner Dance class from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

All the beginner, advance and intermediate classes are instructed by experts and experienced teachers.

For more information, Call Now at (213) 483-0126

SLF Awards Ceremony Program

Sri Lankan Community in Los Angeles is organizing its awards ceremony program in the month of November. The SLF award show will take place at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. Since 2003, the Sri Lanka Foundation has been working for the welfare and promotion of  Sri Lankan expatriates in the US. Every year awards in different categories are distributed to the most successful and excellent people in their field. SLF’s goal is to distinguish expatriates for their excellence in specific fields such as Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers Scientists and more.
The Sri Lanka Foundation is aimed to advance its Sri Lankan Community in LA via different activities and events. This non- profit organization also hosts a number of shows and events to showcase the talents and culture from Sri Lanka. These events include Sri Lanka Day, The annual Miss Sri Lanka America beauty pageant, Fashion Show and the Young Expatriate Sri Lankans (YES!) World Youth Conference among others. In addition, Sri Lanka Foundation also publishes “Expatriate Sri Lankan Good News” to provide Daily News Sri Lanka for expatriates in the United States. Apart from that, Slf also has a News section on its official website that presents daily updates of Sri Lanka.

If you want to participate in the Sri Lanka award ceremony and win the prize, you need to qualify for the prestigious categories. You have to send the completed application form, copies of proof of achievements and copies of any other credentials. The Judging panel will check the truth of the candidate’s credentials and select the winners accordingly. SLF award show at Wilshire Grand Hotel welcomes you, so be there!