Get Ready For The Annual Celebration Sri Lanka Day

On July 15th, Sri Lanka Foundation will be hosting its next big event, Sri Lanka Day in CA. The festival is famous for showcasing Sri Lankan culture in all of its glory. Every year, thousands of visitors come to the festival to enjoy the culture of the island. Over the years, it’s become a favorite event for expatriate Sri Lankans in the US.

Enjoy music, dance, and theater

The foundation aims to bring together generations of Sri Lanka as a community to pass along its history from one to another generation. This festival takes attendees on a short tour to Sri Lanka through traditional dance, music, art and theater. It’s a visual feast of beautiful costumes, bright clothing, and jewelry.

slday festival pic 2

Sri Lankan cuisine

Sri Lanka Day is one of the only opportunities to try a lot of the island’s delectable eats. You will have a chance to taste some of the best Lankan food, including Kotthu Roti, Hoppers as well as the staple Rice and curry! And on the lighter side are fresh tea and sweet treats.


If you love shopping, Sri Lanka Day is where you can get your hands on rare finds like handmade clothing and gifts from the island. You can buy original artifacts, stunning souvenirs, and traditional Sarees and dresses. This event will surely be a visual feast of colorful costumes and sparkling ornaments.

slday shopping

A fun-filled day

Sri Lanka day is going to be filled with lots of entertaining activities and happenings. A particular kind of activity called the Kandy Perahera is also quite enjoyable and popular among visitors.

Every year the Sri Lanka Foundation works thoroughly to bring the highlights, colors, and tastes of Sri Lanka to viewers who get together at one place from all over California. So be there on 15th July 2017!


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