Enjoy Annual Celebration Sri Lanka Day

Sri Lanka day, a popular event held by the famous non profit organization, Sri Lanka Foundation attracts thousands of viewers across the world. This event offers a short trip to Sri Lanka to attendees and helps them to experience the richness of Sri Lankan culture.  SL day is an annual carnival and a tribute to the heritage and culture of Sri Lanka. This event has been a favorite event for expatriates in the United States as it allows them to get a glimpse of their own country and its culture.

Sri Lankan Food and culture

Sri Lanka foundation acts as a platform to bind Sri Lankan generations together as a community and carry forward the history and rich culture from one generation to another. SL day is filled with all the entertaining activities with traditional food, art, dance, music and theater. You can explore the aromas and spices and taste curries and traditional sweets while being awestruck by dancers and artists.

culture of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka day is not just about culture and food, but it’s a lot more. Watch traditional dances such as Low Country, Kandyan and fusion. Enjoy fusion and traditional drummers and performances by live bands. It’s rarely seen in the US by Sri-Lankan Americans!


Both adults and kids revel in a specific activity called the Kandy Perahera. It’s a well-known Sri Lankan parade presenting theatre elephants of equivalent size to actual elephants. You don’t need to leave California to enjoy these experiences. You can also enjoy different varieties of whip crackers, drummers, flag bearers and Nilames at this memorable event.

known Sri Lankan parade


Love shopping? SL day gives a great opportunity to buy Sri Lankan trendy outfits and accessories. You can also shop for artifacts and striking souvenirs. This event will provide a visual feast of vibrant clothing and sparkling ornaments.


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