Sri Lankan Culture and Travel

Sri Lanka is known for its rich culture and amazing natural beauty. The country is visited by thousands of visitors every year to see its scenic beaches and wildlife. This beautiful nation may appear like a small island, but there are many attractions and things to do. It’s a very pocket-friendly country and with a planned method, you can roam around and visit maximum places with ease.

Sri Lankan Culture


If you’re interested in historical places, the Dambulla Buddha caves are the best. These caves are full of Buddha statues, paintings and are incredibly impressive.

Tea and a morning walk

Sri Lanka is renowned for its Ceylon tea. Get some time to visit green and flourishing tea plantations on a walk up to Ella Rock.

Enjoy sceneries via train journey

Plan a trip via train to witness amazing natural scenes of Sri Lanka. A recently reopened train path from Colombo city to Jaffna assures a wonderful ride through the country.  The Railway passage between Ella and Kandy is also awesome.

Peaceful beaches

Nilaveli and Uppuveli, located near Trincomalee on the northeast are stunning and secluded beaches. They offer perfect place for lonely wanderings.

Rainforest walks

The Sinharaja tropical forest is a striking natural legacy site. It’s also known as the last viable region of the main rainforest. You can also choose to swim and trek through the waterfalls but be careful of spiders and snakes among the assorted plant life.

Surfing and beach parties

Arugam Bay, in the south east is a crescent of golden sand providing perfect breaks in holidays and beach parties galore to experience the nightlife.



Kite festivals and Poya festivals are two most popular events celebrated in Sri Lanka. Galle Face beach is a famous place to fly a kite and enjoy this event with others and Poya festivals rejoice the full moon with Buddhist serene.


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