Sri Lankan Community Business Directory

If you have a business, you need people to know about it, in particular your potential customers. And a business directory is a practical and effective way to move your business closer to the people you need to reach. It’s an important part of driving more traffic to your website and connect your company with the public so you can sustain and grow your business.

So if you’re looking for a Sri Lanka Online Business Directory, the Sri Lanka Foundation (SLF) directory page offers a platform where businesses can attract customers from around the world. SLF’s website brings together Sri Lankans, expatriates and many others to learn about events, Sri Lankan culture, travel and much more. With their network of organizers, business owners and general community members, you’ll be able to extend your company’s reach in new directions.


SLF business directory includes a wide range of business categories, which allows viewers to target their needs and interests and leads them right to you. The categories currently available include:

●    Beauty
●    Chiropractic
●    Entertainment
●    Florists
●    Ayurvedic
●    Elementary Schools
●    Aviation
●    Real Estate
●    Physicians
●    Temples/Churches
●    Radio Stations
●    Travel Agencies
●    Automotive

Visit the page to look through these and other categories to get a complete list. To add your business, browse the categories to find where you feel your business belongs in the list, and then use our contact us page to share the important information you’d like to see included in the directory. Be sure to provide your business’ name, phone number, physical address, website, a promotional image or brand logo and your hours of operation if applicable. And before you know it, your company will be accessible to the Sri Lankan community on a simple, convenient business directory.

Sri Lanka Foundation is a non-profit organization working to promote and support Sri Lankan culture in America and around the world. The organization was founded by Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, a doctor, philanthropist, entrepreneur and proud Sri Lankan. His patriotism and love for his native land has compelled his work to promote and share his culture to the masses.


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