SLF Awards Ceremony Program

Sri Lankan Community in Los Angeles is organizing its awards ceremony program in the month of November. The SLF award show will take place at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. Since 2003, the Sri Lanka Foundation has been working for the welfare and promotion of  Sri Lankan expatriates in the US. Every year awards in different categories are distributed to the most successful and excellent people in their field. SLF’s goal is to distinguish expatriates for their excellence in specific fields such as Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers Scientists and more.
The Sri Lanka Foundation is aimed to advance its Sri Lankan Community in LA via different activities and events. This non- profit organization also hosts a number of shows and events to showcase the talents and culture from Sri Lanka. These events include Sri Lanka Day, The annual Miss Sri Lanka America beauty pageant, Fashion Show and the Young Expatriate Sri Lankans (YES!) World Youth Conference among others. In addition, Sri Lanka Foundation also publishes “Expatriate Sri Lankan Good News” to provide Daily News Sri Lanka for expatriates in the United States. Apart from that, Slf also has a News section on its official website that presents daily updates of Sri Lanka.

If you want to participate in the Sri Lanka award ceremony and win the prize, you need to qualify for the prestigious categories. You have to send the completed application form, copies of proof of achievements and copies of any other credentials. The Judging panel will check the truth of the candidate’s credentials and select the winners accordingly. SLF award show at Wilshire Grand Hotel welcomes you, so be there!


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