SLF Promoting Sri Lankan Culture in America

Sri Lanka Foundation, a nonprofit organization is advancing Sri Lankan culture in America. The organization is supporting Sri Lankan community in Los Angeles by hosting various shows and events, guiding people about Sri Lanka and promoting businesses from Sri Lanka in California. It publishes ‘Expatriate Sri Lankan Good News’ that showcases social and cultural events of emigrants from the Sri Lankan community. This magazine reaches more than 10 thousand Sri Lankan houses regularly.


The “Sri Lanka Day Expo” is a yearly event held for just one day. It showcases several outstanding performances by Sri Lankan dancers and musicians. The expo is attended by a number of Sri Lankans and Americans from across the globe to feel the culture of Sri Lanka. At this event, the major attraction among visitors is called “Perahera”.

Srilankan Non Profit Organization in California also organizes Sri Lanka Foundation Awards in order to honor the deserving and successful people from Sri Lanka. It inspires Sri Lankan American cultural community. SLF also hosts YES or The Young Expatriate Sri Lankans (YES!) World Youth Conference that provides a chance for the young individuals to network, find out more about Sri Lankan culture and support Sri Lanka.

In addition, Sri Lanka Foundation also organizes fashion show and annual Miss Sri Lanka America beauty pageant to showcase their ethnic exquisiteness to the American mainstream.


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