Tips to Use Directory Submission Service successfully

We have already discussed the benefits of Directory submission for your business page or website. It allows you to get better ranking on SERP and page traffic. However, using this service wisely is very important to make the most of it. If you have enough time, you should submit your site to directories manually rather than by any software. Manual submission is more trusted and effective than tools.  Let’s have a look at some more helpful tips below:



The first thing to remember is, the website you have chosen for directory submission must be trusted among clients. Check the background of the company and how it is contributing to the success of a business. Free Business Listing in Srilanka Foundation is initiated by a trusted organization Sri Lanka Foundation to help businesses.

Page Ranking

Your directory submission website should be of high ranking so that your page can be visited by many viewers. The biggest benefit of submitting your website to a high PR website is that you do not have to make an extra effort to get visitors’ attention. A high PR directory also proves that it has acquired excellent status.

Keyword use

If you are willing to boost the recognition of business among customers, you must include major keywords in your description. Keywords are very effective if you are submitting sites manually. Software or submission tools only allow to include one message. You can boost your business growth with the Srilanka Foundation Community Directory.

More than one description

We suggest you to use different messages and information about your business to expand your reach among worldwide clients. You should submit various messages to diverse business directories. Make sure, the real theme of the business description is not lost.

Sri Lankan Non Profit Organization in Los Angeles is the most popular organization in Pasadena, LA to promote Sri Lankan culture globally.


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