Sri Lankan American Cultural Association

SLF or Sri Lanka Foundation is leaving no stone unturned to promote a Sri Lankan Culture in America and other nations. This non – profit organization is providing opportunities for Sri Lankan people in CA and other countries around the globe to know more about their culture, food, language and dance. There are a number of events and festivals organized by SLF frequently to encourage people living in foreign countries.

Sri Lankan American cultural  show

SLF, also known as Sri Lankan American Cultural Association is empowering and inspiring Sri Lankan people to get better and improved lifestyle and livelihoods. Every year, this organization organizes SLday to bring the highlights, palates, colors and over-all texture of Sri Lanka to viewers from all over CA. Likewise, another event from SLF is ‘Sri Lanka Foundation Awards’ that is held in LA, California to honor praiseworthy individuals of the Sri Lankan community in all arenas of human discipline.

Sri Lankan Traditional Food in Los Angeles

Sri Lankan food contains aromatic spices that are only found in Sri Lanka. SLF has given opportunity to people in LA to taste some of the best delicacies from Sri Lanka like Hoppers, Rice, Kotthu Roti, Curry and traditional confectioneries.


Beauty and Fashion Shows

Apart from above specialties from Sri Lanka, SLF also pays attention to showcase its ethnic exquisiteness to the American mainstream. For this purpose, Sri Lanka Foundation in America organizes annual Miss Sri Lanka America beauty pageant and Fashion Show.


The Young Expatriate Sri Lankans (YES!) World Youth Conference is a conference hosted by SLF to provide opportunity for youth from Sri Lanka to network, know more about Sri Lankan ethos and make plans to support Sri Lanka. In order to update people about the current happenings and incidents in Sri Lanka, SLF website also has a section related to news of Sri Lanka Foundation, where it keeps on posting newsletters, current information on different topics and sports in Sri Lanka.


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