Get Nominated for the Sri Lanka Foundation Awards

Sri Lanka Foundation works with a vision of ‘inspire and achieve’ where it allows achievers from Sri Lanka to win prestigious awards in different categories. Since its starting in year 2003, SLF has been honoring people who proved themselves brilliant in different categories. Till now, this reputed and famous Nonprofit organization has awarded a number of artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, musicians, lawyers, scientists and engineers. This year too, the Sri Lanka foundation is inviting achievers to nominate themselves and be the winner of prestigious awards in several categories.


Awards Categories:

There are different award categories introduced by the Sri Lanka foundation where achievers can get nominated.
•    Lifetime Achievement Award
•    Outstanding Performance by Young Professional
•    President’s Award
•    Srimerican of the Year
•    Exceptional Achievement Award

What you need to do to be eligible for a particular award?

1.    First you have to complete the application form
2.    Provide the proof of achievements
3.    Add copies of other Credentials

How awards are distributed?

•    The verification team check all the details for truth. Incomplete forms are sent back to the applicators with notification of requiring more details.
•    Later all the application forms are sent to a panel of reputed and highly qualified judges. These people are not associated with SLF.
•    The judges review each detail and nominee with highest scores are chosen as winners.
•    Later in an award ceremony these winners are given awards.

While choosing winners, if a person is not considered eligible for a particular category, but he is suitable for another award in different class, his application is sent back to the Sri Lanka Foundation. Then SLF send it to nominee for re-nomination in different award category.


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