Reasons to visit Sri Lanka Day

Sri Lanka Day is arriving very shortly and people, especially from Sri Lanka are excited about the same. This much awaited event is organized by a reputed Non-profit organization named as Sri Lanka Foundation in Los Angeles, CA. However, below are some of the most important reasons to visit Sri Lanka Day City of Pasadena for everybody.

srilanka foundation

Scrumptious Delicacies

If you are a foodie and don’t want to miss a golden opportunity of tasting different varieties of foods at one place, this event is just for you. SL Day in USA is offering a great chance to you to taste a wide range of traditional dishes from Sri Lanka such as Kotthu Roti, Hoppers, sweets, Rice, Curry and a lot more.


Do you love shopping? If your answer is yes them Sri Lanka day festival is the perfect place to shop. You must attend this event and explore some of the best designed garments, accessories and fashioned stuffs among others. You can also purchase gift items from here.


Hosted by Sri Lanka foundation, this event is filled with excitement and great entertainment. You can enjoy brilliant performances by Sri Lankan dancers, live music bands, traditional and fusion drummers and many more. It is going to be a special event for those who belong to Sri Lanka but living in USA. It will remind them of their country’s culture and feel.

Parade – Pageant of Lanka

Parade – Pageant of Lanka is the most admired and special segment of the Sri Lanka day festival. This is a prudently arranged parade that shows the 235 years old Esala Perahara in Sri Lanka.  Different activities that make this Parade super exciting include dancers in lively costumes and feathers, splendid theater elephants, flag bearers, Nilames, whip crackers and various varieties of drummers.

So don’t miss this opportunity to make your day memorable and exciting. Visit this event for the reason you love.

If you need any additional items for your booth, please contact Shirani at Sri Lanka Foundation (213) 483-0126.

Becoming a Food Vendor is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1

Download the “Food Vendor” Application form here.

Step 2

Complete the application form and fax to (213) 413 1233 or e-mail to


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