Annual Celebration Sri Lanka Day

One of the foundation’s most significant events is “Sri Lanka Day”. It is an annual celebration and tribute to the culture of the Sri Lankan people.

In coordinating the event “Sri Lanka Day” the foundation seeks to inform the public about their country and its customs. The foundation also aspires to bring generations of Sri Lankans together as a community, to pass along history from one generation to another.

Annual Celebration Sri Lanka Day

The event “Sri Lanka Day” will take all who attend on a short trip to Sri Lanka through traditional foods, music, dances, art, and theatre. Attendees will listen to the echo of handmade drums each with an individual tone. They will experience a visual feast of the vibrant costumes, colorful clothing and ornate jewelry.

Participants can explore the spices and aromas of curries and traditional sweets while being captivated by dancers and performers. On this “Sri Lanka day” event Children and adults alike will revel in the Kandy Perahera the famous Sri Lankan parade that features theatre elephants of equal size to real elephants. All these experiences can be enjoyed without ever leaving California.

Sri Lanka Foundation a non-profit organization formed in June 2003 by Walter Jayasinghe, M.D., a well-known Sri Lankan-American physician in Los Angeles. With its head office in Los Angeles, California, the main focus of Sri Lanka Foundation is to promote Sri Lankan culture in the United States and worldwide.

If you need any additional items for your booth, please contact Shirani at Sri Lanka Foundation (213) 483-0126.
Becoming a Food Vendor is easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step 1
Download the “Food Vendor” Application form here.
Step 2
Complete the application form and fax to (213) 413 1233 or e-mail to


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