Sri Lanka Community Worldwide

World Vision Sri Lanka is a Christian, relief, development and advocacy organization working with all people regardless of their religion, caste, gender or ethnicity.
World Vision has served the people of Sri Lanka since 1977 in development and relief programs spread across the Island.

Sri Lanka community in London:

Sri Lanka Community immigrants can be divided into three types of immigrants that have come to the UK. The first type came from the 1950s to the 1980s the Sri Lankan diaspora consisted of a very settled group of people who followed a migration model of a single journey with a settled home at the end of it. The second type of Sri Lankan immigrants consists of mostly young men who are less educated and often traumatized by their experiences from the war zones and remain on the fringes of British society.

The third type is a small but growing one, which is mainly the young people living in the second or third generation in Great Britain.

Sri Lanka community in Australia:

Sri Lankan immigration to Australia started in 1816, with the transportation of Drum Major William O’Dean and his wife Eve. Early immigrants from Sri Lanka (at that time known as Ceylon) were generally absorbed into the Aboriginal population. Other early references of Sri Lankan migration date back to the 1870s when authorities in South Australia sought out the possibility of importing labor from Ceylon. The first Sinhalese from Sri Lanka arrived in 1870 to work in sugarcane plantations in Queensland.

Sri Lanka community in Canada:

In the period of 1991 to 1995, Canada admitted 37 345 immigrants from Sri Lanka, while the United States admitted only 6 492. This means that Canada admitted about 475% more Sri Lanka Community immigrants than the United States during that period. While the total number of Sri Lankan immigrants in Canada is already several times greater than that of the United States, given that the total population of Canada is about one tenth the population of the United States.

Sri Lanka Foundation is an organization that highlights cultural and social events of the Sri Lanka community with circulation to more than ten thousand Sri Lankan households globally. The main focus of Sri Lanka Foundation is to promote Sri Lankan culture in the United States and globally.


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