Sri Lanka Foundation Awards Ceremony

Organization for purposes of having events projecting Sri Lankan culture and art forms to nurture and promote Sri Lankan culture, unity, and friendship amongst and between our American friends and around the world. Sri Lanka Foundation has three annual events – a Cultural Concert, Sri Lanka Day Expo, and an Awards Ceremony.

SLFoundation Awads 2016

Types of Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award, Exceptional Achievement Award, Outstanding performance by young professional, Srimerican of the year, President’s Award.

Lifetime Achievement Winners: Nandasiri Jasentuliyana, Dr. Mudalinayake Somaratne, Dr. Sarath Gunapala, Dr. Ananda Guruge, Dr. Tony Don Michael.

Awards Selection process: A panel of judges, those of whom are not affiliated with the Sri Lanka Foundation and its members will check the accuracy of the candidates credentials. Candidates with the highest scores will be selected as our winners for the above awards. Nominees who are not selected in the current year, are called upon each sequential year to obtain updates to their existing applications, and are resubmitted to the Panel of Judges, for deliberation.

Selection Criteria: Collection: The Sri Lanka Foundation receives nominations from all over the world.The verification committee collects the completed application forms.

Verification: The verification committee then verifies all the submitted details for accuracy. Incomplete applications are sent back to nominator or nominator is informed that we need more information.

Judging: The application forms are then sent to a panel of highly qualified and anonymous judges who are not affiliated with Sri Lanka foundation.

Decision: The Judges review the applications and nominees with the highest scores are selected as our winners.If the Judges decide a person is not suitable for the nominated category but for another category, the application will be sent back to SLF. Then SLF sends it to Nominator to re-nominate for the other category suggested.

Presentation: Winners will be presented with their awards at the Sri Lanka Foundation Awards Presentation Show.


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